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Neta is a registered Australian Psychotherapist & and Counsellor and an Israeli Clinical Psychologist specializing in Emotions, Trauma Healing and Relationships. She is passionate about guiding individuals to harness their gifts and fulfil their potential.  

She offers Psychotherapy, trauma-informed counselling, relationship counselling, clinical supervision and women-power training in her private practice in Sydney and online.

Dr Fleiderman is interactive in her style, primarily focusing on healing from the past and stepping into your authentic self in any desired area of life  (relationships, family, career, entrepreneurship and more).

She offers a highly personalized approach tailored to you and your needs. With heart intelligence and empathy, Neta will work with you to help create safe and healthy relationships first and foremost with yourself & others and achieve the transformation you desire.

Her passion for helping people become their authentic selves is taken from her personal and professional experience of being real, and genuine in her relationships with herself and others. She walks the talk and finds it empowering and fun. 

Neta genuinely cares for her clients, and working with her will give you an opportunity to tap into the parts of yourself that are seeking expression.

People that had worked with Dr Fleiderman reported feeling strengthened and discovering potentials and capacities for healing, growth and transformation that they never thought possible (some Testimonials )


More About My Journey 

I completed my Clinical Psychology training (Master’s and PhD at ) at the University of Haifa, Israel. This eclectic training touched upon all current orientations to human development, psychopathology and therapy. However, the practice and the mentoring were a Psycho-Dynamic approach to human understanding within a Relational Paradigm. The focus of my dissertation was Trauma & Women's Health, As the mind-body connection has always fascinated me. 

As my life journey unfolded with loss, pain and relationship challenges I've learned from my experiences with attachment trauma, anxiety, shame and guilt, how ignored emotions can manifest in various mental health symptoms.

As a passionate psychologist loving theories and methods of psychotherapy, thriving to develop the best practice and understanding of human nature for my clients and myself, I began to study the incredible developments in the science of Trauma impacts and emotions and in 2015 I came across a model of psychotherapy called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). At that point in time, with 10 years of practice, and attending formal AEDP training, things had fallen into place for me with a new sense of clarity. learning and practising AEDP  felt so familiar and natural as coming home yet so exciting and fascinating from a transformational neuroplasticity perspective. 

As my practice had grown and I could offer such a transformative therapeutic journey, I began to understand myself and my clients through the lenses of “what had happened to me” rather than “what’s wrong with me” and gradually my perspective toward Mental Health and Diagnoses had changed. I have continued my training and am constantly practising what I'm teaching. 

Thankfully, one of the adventures I was fortunate enough to take in 2018 was migrating to Australia and moving my practice to this beautiful land. Here I am, grateful to be calling Australia home.

Due to my passion for making a difference in the Mental Health space, supporting Trauma survivors and Trauma-Informed practice and professionals in the Trauma space, I was honoured to be given the opportunity to lead a clinical team in one of the leading not-for-profit organizations specialising in Compex Trauma in Australia. 

Although I come from a clinical psychology background, thanks to the science of neuroplasticity and emotions and nearly two decades of working with individuals in different settings, instead of looking at psychological symptoms as pathology or evidence that someone is "broken", I look at symptoms as non-verbal communications that tell us something is looking expression and needs to be addressed from a position of compassion and curiosity.

I'm looking forward to working with you toward healing your past and can't wait to see you stepping into your power.




Culturally Sensitive
LGBTIQ+ Friendly
Poly Friendly




Panic Attacks and Phobias

Relationship Difficulties

Stress Management

Parenting and Family Challenges

Work and Career issues

Conflict Resolution

Trauma, Developmental/Complex Trauma

Grief and Loss

Life Changes

Imposter Syndrom, fears and insecurities 


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